Integrated Aromatics Sciences Practitioner™ Diploma 


This program covers organic therapeutic essential oils, with specialized Raindrop© and Vita Flex Techniques and related therapies to promote deep relaxation and enhance wellness.

Although related to aromatherapy, this program goes beyond clinical aromatherapy and integrates much more in advanced therapeutic methods delivering a more comprehensive education.

Raindrop Technique

is part of our core program and is also taught as a separate certified program.  Raindrop Technique is praised as a powerful, non-invasive tool to ameliorate spinal abnormalities correcting defects in the curvature of the spine and has resolved numerous cases needing back surgery.  IEWS is proud to announce that it has one of only nine Certified Raindrop Instructors in the world. 

Raindrop is ‘One of the safest, non-invasive techniques available for spinal health.’
- Dr. Gary Young


AROMATIC SCIENCES based on all the European systems.

:: Federally Approved ::

Human Energy Field Practitioner™ Diploma - Quantum Physics and the most advanced assessment tool, the GDV Kirlian camera, analyze human, animal, plant and liquid energy fields. Learn energy systems in healing and transformation including scalar and zero point energies.


HUMAN ENERGY FIELD analysis-healing --
based on the new generation of KIRLIAN INSTRUMENTS

Certified Kinesis Practitioner Diploma - This incorporates the Touch For Health Kinesis program with other Kinesis giving you a broad perspective in balancing energy systems of individuals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. Learn a host of energy techniques including the ever – growing BodyTalk system in healthcare.

Nutrient Health Sciences Practitioner™ Diploma - Encompasses the important role of Conscious Organic Spiritual nutrition, Orthomolecular Approaches, Anti- aging and environmental health care. Enjoy the first ever program to incorporate 'living oils with living raw food' cooking classes. This is most nutritious and delicious.

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