The Supreme council of the presidency of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace, New Society of the Nations has appointed, Hon. Dr Sabina DeVita DEPUTY MINISTER UNDER THE SECRETARY POLITIC OF DEPARTMENT FOR PROBLEMS OF PUBLIC HEALTH.  This is an international position for enriching and promoting safe, natural public health for all nations, and to help restore and preserve the Indigenous and Aborigenous peoples and their indigenous medicines. International Parliament for Safety and Peace

 Dr. DeVita and her school were honored with another Official Accreditation.

IEWS has been accredited by the Supreme Council of the Presidency of the International States Parliament to grant certificates and Higher Diplomas, Associate Degrees, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degrees internationally as an autonomous private institution.  The International Parliament desires to encourage International Education.

The Official parliamentary Decree of Accreditation bears full validity and recognition with all Governments and Nations members of the International States Parliament for Safety and Peace, under International law Statute recognized by Vienna Convention of April 18, 1961.

This is a great honor and recognition that we are most proud of.  IEWS offers its .

The IPSP, an intergovernmental organization, is registered as an international organization of the States with the purpose of defending peace of all people internationally and security of all Nations of the earth.

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